Introducing The Weight Loss Perfect Solution That Works Like Magic! A Product That Enables You Loss Weight No Matter How Fat You Are Now!

I am Mr. Chukwuemeka Ebere, a specialist when it comes to weight loss or burning ugly fat! I have assisted over 1000 Nigerians to loss weight! Today, i want to personally coach you and i give you my 100% guarantee that you will surely burn off all the fats and regain that slim sexy body you ever wanted.


Read This Article To The End And I Guarantee That You Will Learn How To Loss And Burn Off Ugly Fat Within 10Days


Dear Friend,

Have you ever desired to loss weight, burn off your ugly fat, maintain or have a slim sexy body with a perfect shape? 

May be you have tried many organic and inorganic medications, have engaged yourself in series of stressful excisses, or engaged in gyming just to maintain your shape. Here is the bus stop to this problem!

The truth is that my weightloss guide will surely put a stop to all the problem and all the stress you have been through over the years. "

       This guide gives you access to my hidden weightloss secret, takes you by hand and show you the secret behind burning off excceesive fats and how to maintain your shape!  you don't have to worry cause your DREAM PRODUCTS is here for only you, thats if you are having issues with lossing weight.

    By using this particular  products puts your body into a state of nutrional ketosisand turns into a fat burning machine and much more! You will   Experience

        Weight loss forever

       Balanced cholesterol

          Increased energy

         Decreased food cravings                                      

         Increased mental clarity 

I was once over weighted like you before! In fact, my friends mocked me and make jest of me. They called me various names regarding my condition then untill i discovered this wonderful weightloss secret that worked like magic! I was able burn off more than 12pounds in few days!

Once you purchase this guide, i dont just leave you with it. I will add you up to my students whatsapp mentorship group chat where you will meet other students who also bought the product within that space of time. I will always update my students on the relevance tips and updated guides, stay by you to ensure you apply the the product rightly and also to atend to all your questions! 

Over the years i discovered that this motivates students because in the group, you will see other students with worse situations than yours sharing testimonies on how the product helped them to burn off fats and gain the perfect shape and figure they desired!

Below are few of my students and what they are saying about this product:

Now See Some Screenshot of buyers testimonies

The above screenshots and proofs is not to brag but to show you how powerful this system works! You will forever maintain a perfect shape if you have access to my weight loss guide!

Introducing Amazing Weight loss Solution Guide...

This is an amazing weight loss ebook that takes you by hand and show you the most proven ways on how to loss weight within 10days!  The ebook teaches proven strategies and natural herbs one can apply and burn off exccessive fats. This works for everyone nomatter how fat you have grown. The solution contained  in this ebook also teaches guaranteed ways to burn off big tummy within 7 days. Many Nigerians has been using this ebook and the results we have been getting are so amaazing. As a matter of fact, we also sell the already made finished product of this guide, but the ebook is so detailed that anyone even a complete novice can study it, apply it and get instant result!

  • 100% Guaranteed Ways To Loss Weight in 10days!.
  •  Balanced cholesterol 
  •   Increase Enegery
  • decreased food cravings
  • Maintain Well Curved body Shape
  • Burn off Big tummy etc

It doesnt just help you loss weight, but also help regulate your thyroid and fight inflammation

First, obesity is a condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it can harm the body’s health. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from this condition which is usually closely linked to consuming unhealthy food. Moreover, obesity can lead to the following health issues: osteoarthritis, heart diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, gallstones, certain cancers, and others.

Second, the thyroid gland is of great importance since its function is to produce hormones. A condition in which your thyroid fails to produce enough hormones is called Hypothyroidism and can lead to serious health issues such as heart disorders, infertility, joint pain, and obesity. Moreover, the hormones produced by this gland are in control of metabolizing carbohydrates and fats and regulate heart function, brain function, cholesterol levels, body temperature, and respiration.

Third, inflammation is a condition in which the body’s tissues respond to harmful substances like pathogens or damaged cells. Inflammation is responsible for eliminating the causes of cell injuries, abnormal cells, and damaged tissues, and to stimulate tissue repair. In addition, the following conditions may result in inflammation: bronchitis, sore throat, flu, tonsillitis, meningitis, asthma, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, periodontitis, and many others.

This book will give solution to all these health problems! You cant use this product and remain the same again!

How To Purchase This Amazing Guide

  1. Purchase Of Soft Copy Weight Loss Keto Solution Guide:

When you order for the soft copy by making payment direct to us, the download  link will be sent immediately to your provided email address in less than 8hours of confirming your payment. 

2. Purchase Of Hard Copy Weight Loss Guide:

One can decide to order for the hard copy guide. In such case, the hard copy  book will be sent to the provided residential address of the purchaser within 3-5 days of paymnet confirmation. 

3. Purchase Of Already Made Product:

When you request for the already made product, ensure you send your exact address as that of number 2. The product will be sent to your residential address anywhere in Nigeria within 3-5days. 

Note: Only those within Nigeria and Ghana can purchase via number 2 and 3. Soft copy purchse is the easiest and aavilable anyone all over the world.

Also  note that is the same content provided in the soft copy purchase that is contained in the other  two. 

Below Are The Prices Of The Products; you are expected to choose only one and make payment! 

 Product Prices

1. Soft Copy Guide Via email delivery= N6,000

2. Hard Guide delivery= N10,000

3. Physical Product delivery= N20,000




This is an amazing offer! You cant get any of our product guides anywehere at such price. And this products works like magic! Imagine lossing more than 12kg in 4 days! Yes, our buyers are testifying daily on the power of this product. Get the soft copy of this book and apply the secret revealed there, you will be surprised to see how fast it will work for you! And the product doesnt have any side effects on your body. Is pure and natural!

We Offer A 100% Risk-Free and Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for one week with NO RISK! Is expected to give you instant results within 10days of application.

If you think that our product didnt work out well for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. !

Early Price: N6,000 Only

How To Order and Make Paymant

Bank Deposit/Online Transfer.

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N6,000 into the below bank acount. 

Bank:Guarantee Bank

Account Name: James  Ovbioise James

Account Number: 0263766562

STEP 2 -

STEP 2 - After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address

jayjayfit18@gmail.com or send a message to

+234 8182281184.

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says:


The details to be sent are:
1. Your Full Name
2. Your Email Address
3. Phone Number
4. Teller Number and the bank you paid to

5. Your Home or Office Address

6. Amount Paid

Immediately we receive your payment and your informations above, the book will be sent to you via email you provided. And you will also be giving access to chat me up for personal coachings on whatsapp, normally i charge 30k for whatsapp or telegram personal coaching but i am giving you access for free. Buying the product covers all for you.

Once payment is made and all necessary details sent to me, you get your weight loss guide immediately and you are guaranteed to loss weight completely in 10days.



There's no need to be frustrated anymore. Grab this amazing weight loss book, apply the seceret revealed here and loss weight completely... This is the best you can get anywhere in  the world.

To Your Success!

Dr.  J.O James

PS. You've never been handed an opportunity like this on a silver platter before. You cant afford to miss out.


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