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Introducing Automated Easy Dropshipping Business

If you’re looking for a way to make money without a huge upfront investment, and without a lot of hassles or work, drop shipping with an e-commerce platform is exactly what you’ve been looking for.  It’s simple, inexpensive to get started, and your business can be run in your spare time or turned into a full-time business, if you wish to branch out. With drop shipping, you don’t have to worry about having money to invest in inventory, or about dealing with finding warehouse space or shipping out packages.  Simply add products to your online store which i will review to you how to do all set up, place orders with the drop shipper, and have them sent directly to your customers. For the most part, it’s incredibly straightforward, and hassle-free! I call it, lazy mans way of making crazy money online.  

In the simplest form dropshipping is selling products without buying or having them.

This is how it works; after you’ve create a free online store and added your product to it.  When I mean product I mean pictures and descriptions of the product you want to sell, because you don’t have the product in physical and you want buy the product either. After this, once you made a sale all you have to do is contact your third-party supplier (owner of the product) by sending your customer address and paying the supplier from the sales you made. The supplier in turn, make the shipment to your customer. The supplier will also add your brand name to the product, meaning that you are the owner of that product..

Personally, i do local and international dropshipping.. Later on, i will be sharing the screenshort of my earnings with this business.

I make minimum of 2million naira/month with dropshipping both locally and internationally..

Imagine, earning at least 1million every single month as a beginner without investing any single capital on the business! Is this not amazing?

Let’s take a quick look at how the drop shipping process works, starting with how to sell using just a single product as an example. Let’s say you decide to drop ship bags or any product. You choose a model you believe will be popular, and you create a simple web page for the product with a photo, description, basic information, and a link to buy. As for the webpage, i will still show you how to do that without spending any dime. I will give you all the tools you needed.. Give you access to a free dropshipper domain and web-hosting account, and also teach you how to easily create your ecom dropshipping website..Alternatively, i will still show you how to do this without having to lay your hands on creating any website. So the choice will be yours on the method to use. When someone makes a purchase from your page, they pay you at the time of purchase. You then order the product from the supplier’s website, paying for it with the money the customer already paid you, and enter your customer’s shipping address instead of your own. 

You are selling products as though they come directly from you, even though you never have to border shipping anything out or tracking packages. You simply receive payment, order the item, and let the company handle delivery. All you need to do is to display your product in the secret websites i will show you and also teach you how to do that.

Immediately after the display, you will start receiving alerts from buyers..I will also show you how to set your country to reflect U.S.A when using international mode of dropshipping.. Buyers will pay you in dollars daily, while you receive alert in naira in your local dropshipping mode.. All these will be revealed in the video guide...


  Ecommerce simply means electronic commerce. The sales of physical product using the provisions of internet resources like websites and applications are termed e-commerce. Think of e-commerce as a business model that allows you to sell cloth, shoes, bags, food items and lots more using the internet space. There are three primary types of ecommerce transactions: 1: Business to Business (B2B), in which one business sells directly to another business. 2: Business to Consumer (B2C), in which a business sells directly to consumers. 3: Consumer to Consumer (C2C), in which one consumer is selling to another via auction or social media (eBay and Craigslist are good examples of this, but so is Facebook marketplace). Although online shopping is the most obvious form of ecommerce, online banking is technically also considered ecommerce. The problem is most people don’t have the resources, nor the skill it requires to put up a product/ manufacture or have the bunch of money it requires to retail directly from the manufacturers, and that gave birth to the concept of DROPSHIPPING. With dropshipping you are skipping the aspect of:  Worrying about having your own inventories Ø You only buy when you sell Ø You don’t have to worry about delivering products to your customers Ø You earn before you buy Unlike mini importation that you will have to buy and ship the product from china or USA to Nigeria, before you start to worry about selling it… It is totally opposite!


Such as shopify, paypal etc  The need for the supper launch of ECOMMERCE CONQUEST (How to start dropshipping business in Nigeria from scratch) and be receiving raw dollar payments right here in Nigeria…  All the problems solved! You Will Learn: Ø The reasons and why dropshipping is the most kept secret business in 2019 (Extremely profitable) Ø The shocking case studies Ø Dealing with payments (PayPal business account for non paypal countries solved) Ø Getting started with dropshipping enable free tools Ø Setting up your drop shipping business Ø Sourcing products Ø 30 Done for you winning products Ø Fulfilling orders Ø DO’s and DON’Ts AND LOTS MORE INSIGHTS AND HACKS! This is not what you should read in a text e-book format. So that you can easily COPY AND PASTE! Am wrapping it all up for you on a complete video series that are short and simple to look into and apply. Think about this like a Nigerian community of dropshippers, yes an ACADEMY! I will be adding live trainings and updates on the market trends! ARE YOU A MINI IMPORTER?  I have never done mini importation before! I see it as extreme stressful business! I hate businesses that tie my money down, worries about shipping and lots more sucks! If you are into mini importation, you will crush dropshipping in just days!  BECAUSE YOU NEED ZERO CAPITAL AS REGARDS BUYING PRODUCTS! The paypal business account, will help you get started, and start receiving your payments without stress! How to actually go about implementing it all from scratch I will be showing you! ARE YOU READY???

I Have Made A Special Video That Will Take You By Hand And Show You All The Process Of Setting Up This Amazing Dropshippimg Business And How You Can Start Banking 1 Million Naira Every Month Running A Simple Dropshipping Business Without Investing Any Money In The process.. 

Case Study 1 - 19 years Old Secondary School Leaver Banks N1million in 30 Days using the same strategy

The Secondary school Leaver That Made N1million in 30 Days Doing This Same Business I amAbout Coaching You.. I thought him and he applied the strategy.

See Another Student.. A Woman Of 3 Children Who Stopped Her Petty Trading Business After Learning This Same Secret From Me.
In Her First Sales, SHe Made N384k In Just Two Weeks.. 

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The details to be sent are:
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Immediately we receive your payment and your informations above, the videos will be sent to you via email you provided. And you will also be giving a link to join my Whatsapp mentring/coaching program, normally i charge 100k for whatsapp or telegram personal coaching but i am giving you access for free. Buying the product covers all for you.


For the first video, few additional free products i will be giving you include:

1. Making money online info product.

2. How to travel abroad

3. How To Register A Business Name

4. How to make money from selling short report online.

5. How to design advance database website using wordpress

7. How To Start Mini Importation Business.

8. Weight loss Products

9. How To Make Money From Fiverr

And others not listed here for security purposes.

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