The magic cash formular finally launched in 2021!  How Gideon MCF mentorship program raised many millionaires and how you can start the business. If you are Truly Ready to Make Money this year, Make Sure you Read to the End.

Thanks to Gideon Mastermind mentorship and MCF and Afiliate Markerting program , I Am  completely my own boss…..

With Gideon One on One intensive coaching and mentorship training, I was able to  quit my  my engineering company job to focus on this new online cashflow biz and that actually changed my earnings from 6-figures income [about 100k+] to an 8 figures income.

Few months ago specifically October 2020, i came accross this opportunity online and took action immediately, I was able to raise  3million Naira in gross revenue in a single month. That might be little to some persons but really very massive for me because i never believed that people make money online until i started it myself.

I launched a live campaign that brought in over 600k within few days just laveraging on the MCF marketing principles and strategies.

Ever since, I have gone ahead to create multiple 7-figure online businesses using the same core business building principles and models I learned from boss Gideon.

I am not just writing this testimonials because i was asked to, but i wish i could pour out my heart on how this coaching program have really changed my live... 

But the greatest benefit of his One on One coaching for me is the ability to control my income. I know what to do anytime I need money. This is the best online business anyone can ever think of on the internet. 

May God bless you abundantly sir Gideon"

Engr. David Chukwu.

Dear Friend, 

My name is Igwe Gideon. I'm a full time Digital Marketer, International Product Launcher & Super Affiliate on World's Number 1 Digital Platform Clickbank,  JVzoo & Warriorplus with over 9 years of experience in Online marketing. I am the CEO of Best Billionaires Platform, a Digital Marketing and Training Firm which has empowered uncountable Africans within nine years.

​I really don’t know how you landed on this page, but I must confess, you are one of the lucky few, as you are about to have access to a rare formula used ONLY by High Level Marketing Experts to Scale Up their online businesses….. Trust me, this could be the best formula you need to escape from your current level to becoming financial independent.

“This RARE Formula Is So Rare that So Many So Called Marketing Gurus
Will Never Share It With Anyone, Even If That Person is Their Best Friend...”

​Yes the above statement is so true, BUT as a person, I took the road less taken due to the love I have to help change the lives of SERIOUS people like Engr. David Chukwu, Comr. Nnamuah Winner, Engr. Onyebuch Igwe, Bldr. Emmanuel Onyenanu, Mr. Yakubu Muhamed, Barr. Danjuma Agama, Mr. Okai Daniel E, Mrs. Favour Ogbodo  and Dozens of other High Achieving students who had the liberty of Enrolling for the “MCF Coaching Program".

“I Didn’t  started this awesome Coaching Program Because I JUST Wanted to Make Some Money Off It, Far From It...

Rather I Started This One of a Kind Training Program to HELP The Average  Nigerian who is strugling with his or her Internet Business  ranging from Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, Dropservicing, Ecommerce, Freelancing, etc BecomeFinancially Free…”

​Don’t take my word for it, watch my earning proof below. It will open your eyes to my proficiency as a seasoned online entrepreneur…

Check Out This Massive Results with my Zenith Account Statement from my Live Earning  with MCF Biz when i launched this New STrategy in September 2020!

The video above  is a LIVE PROOF of what my Unique “Magic Cash Formula” Marketing program dexterity can HELP an average marketer achieve. That was over 4million naira pure profit within 15 days.

That video above shows how Powerful my Magic Cash Formula coaching program is because I will practically do everything for you.

I will give you access to my special mentorship program, during this training i will teach you the exactsecret how you can getstarted today even if you don't have much capital… 

So What EXACTLY Is This Rare Closely Guarded Formula All About
And Why Is It Important?

 This Secret Formula is Called the…

“The Magic Cash Formula ...”

This is better than Dropshipping, Ecommerce, Forex Trading, Crypto Trading, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing jobs, etc.. The best Online Business gto make money from in 2021.

 What exactly is this formula about & Why is it Powerful?

If you have been struggling for ages to make money with your business without success, then, this is the exact MISSING KEY you have been looking for.

Why is That So?

 You see, this business adopted my digital marketing approach but with a unique and secret strategy. You will be thought the easiest means to launch a live converting campaign that pulls in cash to your bank account even if you are sleeping. This is beyond what a regular marketer knows such as email marketing, lead magnet strategy, running fb ads, creating funnels  and so on.. But with my unique Seller Killer Formula, you are 100% guaranteed to start making massive money as soon as you get involved. Recently i used this same strategy in my Affiliate Marketing Business, the sales was massive. This same Seller formular can be applied to any business be it Affiliate marketing, Ecommerce, Dropshipping, etc.. Guess what? I am giving you the Exact Secret i am Using to Make this money, Currently working like Magic in 2021.

I always tell people that the the most important thing to master as a Digital Marketer or an Affiliate Marketer is Mastering How to Sell or the Act of Selling. With my Unique approach, i will be showing you my exact secret system that can bring in over a million naira to your bank account in few weeks from now! Yes this system has made all my inner students multi millionaires. This really involve a some personnel effort as nothing good comes easy but if you are really determined to break bounds and be financially Free, you should be ready to take action now. This magic Cash Formula has been designed to make anyone who gets accross it a millionaire. DOn't worryabout how to setup the system because i will practically reveal that to you. I have bored it down into a step by step video course and access to one on one virtual training that will help you get started in few days from now.

Still wondering how this business is unique and diffrent the others? Then read on...

I will also be giving you access to my Affiliate marketing complete training, see how it helped Mr Joshua to raise over 5million naira in few months.

watch how Winner Nnamual was able to raise over 4 million naira, bought over 3 plots of lands for himself doing this business

What Emmanuel have to Say after Getting Access to my Training in the Past Two Weeks; Still an Undergraduate but already in Cash

Generally My Training Programs Have Helped over 30,000 Nigerians
Go From Being Broke & Not Knowing What To Do Next, to Becoming
Happy & Free From Money Worries.
Could You Be The Next Testimony?  

The FACT is... 

My training programs have helped to lift so many Nigerians out of poverty and mediocrity. 

My training and coaching has helped so many AVERAGE marketers go from just making a tiny N100k to N500k a month business to be PROUD owners of businesses that does unbelievable numbers like N750,000... N1Mllion to even N7 Million Per Month.... 

This is EXACTLY What Happens to Any SERIOUS & QUALIFIED person who takes my teachings seriously and put it into action as soon as possible.

“This is EXACTLY what happens to any SERIOUS & QUALIFIED Person Who Applies to the Secret Revealed in my Coaching Program...  

Are You NEXT?” 

Listen to WHAT Some of My Ever Happy and Grateful Students Have
to Say About My Coaching Programs

Getting to know Mr. Igwe Gideon and being a part of his mentorship has helped transformed myself and my business into a seven figure earner since I came in touch with him.

His courses, guides and mentorship has made me to be earning in excess of N1.5 - N2.5million every month in my business.

If you have the privilege of getting his coaching most especially this very one, don't even stop for a moment to think about it, just go ahead and get it because it would help transform your business as it has done for me. 

I'm a living proof and testimony of being a part of his successful students.

Ademiluyi Adegboyega


Below Is the example of the kind of results I get from one of my online business using this no capital business model. Most of the results came from my International Affiliate Marketing Business which is part of the trainings you will be getting from my training.

Proofs of my recent earnings from  warriorplus, jvzoo and others! Note, i will also be giving you access to my Affiliate Marketing New Course, not just the Magic Cash Formula alone! trust me, this is mind blowing! You cant get any business better than what i am about to show you now!

Over $15,000 earned from my affiliate offer in JVzoo alone!

Another $8,958 gross revenue earned in few days!

I Made Over $53,000 In Affiliate Commissions In the Last Few Months From Multiple Platforms - Jvzoo, Warriorplus, Infusionsoft, Zaxaa! Then Next, I Will Be Loging In Live to my PayPal and Payoneer Accounts, Lets Check Out My Earnings From Clickbank and Co!

Another $8,208 From Another Platform In One Month!

OMG! $7,568 In just 2 Days!

 $5,572 In just 4 Days!

A Day Earning From Zaxaa!

On a Single Promotion I made $2,800 (N1million) In Just 24 Hours!

Making $500 - $1000 Daily Is a Child's Play


Using the old strategy on MCF i was able to earn over 4.8m naira within 23 days of a live camp. Check out the account statement


This is not just a new strategy, but some of my students have been using the old strategy to crush 7 figures in dollars.. Earnings as of far back 2018, just imagine what it could be this 2021.

One of my old subscriber who finally took Action  - Made his affiliate commission during trial with paid ad

Boss, i got your message in the group chat demanding for a testimonial, I am super impressed about the quality of this EMC program and affiliate marketing coaching program, in the last 2 months I have earned $5,000 from Infusionsoft & JVzoo promoting that product you shared on the webinar,  as for the pinterest ads, i really think i still need help from you because my card was rejected.  screenshot - Emmy, Lagos 


The Magic Cash Formula Blueprint" Expires In....

If You Have An Internet Enabled Phone with Spare Capital...Then In 30 days...

You Too Can Pull In N1,000,000 to N5,000,000 From this Simple Online Business System,No Website,No Selling, No running of Advert...  !

PRESALE Bonuses:

The Magic Cash Formula Plus Complete Affiliate Marketing Training
Price = N19,000 Before the Countdown Hits Zero! After which it returns to N80k

Once This Offer Expires, The Price for the Guides Returns Back To N80,000! Take Huge Advantage Of This While It Last! But Once that timer is still active, the current price would be only N19,000! The N19,000 is for the two mentorship training plus all bonuses attacteched.

Offer Expires When Slots Are Filled Up or Timer Expires!

Magic Cash formula Training + International Affiliate Marketing With Jvzoo, Warriorplus and Clickbank, Plus other Bonuses at a Giveaway Before Timer Expire; Presale Price: N19,000 Only!


How To Apply For this Mentorship Training Program!

Make Deposit/Online Transfer/ Mobile Transfer of N19,000 to:



Account Number: 2110687496

After Payment, Send an email or Whatsapp text with the subject: I Paid For MCF Mastermind Coaching Program. Then the body of the email should contain: Your full Name, Email,  and phone number to: chiakacie@gmail.com or send a Whatsapp text to 08163307841.

We will get in touch with you and the Video Guide will be made available to you via the email you provided within 24 hours.

Make The Payment Into Account below, You will get the video few minutes after we receive your payments right in the email you will send to us. For faster response, you call, send Whatsapp text to 08163307841or visit our branch office at Enugu.

Think about it. Where will you be a year from now? Will you still be struggling to make money online or still be working in a company where they pay you less than 150k per month while other smart folks are making all the money but not you?

Or will you be enjoying the exhilarating feeling of sweet income from online course business and  affiliate marketing, automatically, while you sleep? Imagine setting up an online course just once and continue making money from it forever!

We have gone through the pain of showing you everything we used to generate N5,000,000 to N10,000,000 monthly from MCF Business and Affiliate Marketing Business Now you don't have to struggle again.

Don't pass up an opportunity of a life-time. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

To Your Success,
 Igwe Gideo .D. aka Young Millionaire

Call / Whatsapp for enquiries: 08163307841

Copyright 2021- Best Billionaire Platform

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